Over the years, I've written my fair share of musical pieces, mostly in FL Studio, and mostly for various Dungeons and Dragons games. Check out the whole collection on my Soundcloud!

The Winged Lands

This piece is the theme song for yet another Dungeons and Dragons which I Dungeon Mastered. It is set in a large, sprawling continent, with all variety of places and cultures. Like most campaigns, The Winged Lands did not see its completion, but nonetheless, many nice memories and works were produced.

I wanted to convey a certain sense of openness and grandeur with this piece, as if one were a bird, soaring far above a great plain. The piece ended up being a little more robust than I expected, but that's okay.

Homelight Soundtrack

During the 2019 GI Game Jam this spring here in UWaterloo, I composed the music for a short story-driven game, Homelight, and integrated the sound into Unreal Engine. The track On the Path features a Cello part, and plays when the player is on the correct path. When the player walks off, the music fades seamlessly to Off the Path, which is a bit more empty, without the Cello.

The Edge of Time

This piece was the introductory theme to the D&D adventure All, That Was Lost, a short adventure I wrote but never played. The motif that the piano plays shows up a few more times in the other pieces which accompany the adventure.