UWaterloo's Snowed In!

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February 6, 2019

I never really expected to have the opportunity to see the University of Waterloo actually shut down for a snow day, even though I'm likely to be here for about four more years. Yet here it is: come out of nowhere like lightning out of a clear sky. Lightning isn't quite what caused the university to close.

We've seen colder days than today this semester, as well as days with more snow, and days with more rain! Today, however, there's this odd freezing rain that stings when it hits bare skin and is absolutely nasty when it lands in one's eyes. I got to experience it first hand when I went for a jog in the morning, and it felt as if I was being pinched rapidly and repeatedly. The roads have turned into an icy slush, which I hear makes driving quite dangerous.

I can't imagine the sheer amount of inconvenience an entire university closing causes. I, alone, had an interview, six hours of classes, and Balinese Gamelan rehearsal. As I was walking to iron my clothes before the interview, I was informed by a friend of the situation. Just like that, an entire day's worth of plans went poof! Waterloo is a university town if I've ever seen one, so the closure of a university is a fairly big deal. I imagine several tens of thousands of people's schedules went poof! about the same time mine did. Goes to show how fast plans can change.

The header of this blog is a picture of what things look like on campus right now, and you can find a bigger picture here. In my opinion, conditions don't look very bad from here, but it's probably a lot worse for people who have to travel a longer way to UWaterloo.

Whatever way there is to look at a snow day, the fact is that I've now got a day to spare! We'll all deal with the make-up lectures later, but for now, it's a weekend within the week!

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