Don't Digital December

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December 25, 2018

The start of this month of December marked my first ever exam season at UWaterloo. For those who don't know, classes don't run during this month, which means no assignments, lectures or labs. The only academic obligations we have are the final exams themselves. For me, that meant about 50 extra hours a week to utilize.

I don't know about my classmates, but I sure as heck can't translate that many hours directly into study time. I think I studied an average of 25 hours a week this exam season. That left me with a ton of time, and what did I find myself spending that time on? Gaming and Reddit.

About a week into December, with my first exam arriving in a few days, I decided to make some changes to my day-to-day behaviour in an attempt to study more, and made up the titular Don't Digital December. The rules are simple:

This December,

  1. No Reddit.
  2. No Video Games

I think that giving it a name like this one certainly helped me follow through. I'm sure there are other alliterative phrases more accurate than "Don't Digital", but a little absurdity is certainly memorable!

The amount of time that I had on hand was certainly surprising, and I made sure to find something else to do before boredom set in too badly. I ended up making this website with the time I had on hand.

Time to wrap it up, I think. I won't preach Don't Digital December or a similar challenge like it's some panacea to time-management issues, but for me, it certainly made a pretty big impact. Now, to figure out some j-words for January!

I'm still writing these posts in Visual Studio Code, though that may end soon. There is something vaguely humourous about the random HTML autocompletes that pop up halfway through typing a word.

Later, fellow readers!

A Digitally Distanced Chen
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