2020 is here!

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January 1, 2020

One year ago, on this website, I wrote a blog post welcoming the new year. It contained some speculation on what would happen in 2019 and a few general musings. Today, on the first day of 2020, I’ll reflect on how accurate those thoughts were, speculate about the things that excite me in 2020, and finally, provide an update on where I am now.

Last year, the first topic I discussed was consumer electronics; in particular, I was excited about the prospect of new CPU and GPU launches in 2019. As it happened, 2019 exceeded my expectations, from AMD’s impressive Ryzen 3000 series (which has probably been praised to death at this point), to Intel’s U-series laptop CPU’s finally bringing six cores to thin and light laptops. I got my feet wet in the stock market in this area, investing very small sums in tech companies launching products, to modest gains.

The other thing I wrote about last year was that I would have finished my 2A academic term at the University of Waterloo by this time, and that has come to pass. I’m now four terms deep in my undergraduate career, and I feel like a different person than the one I was when I started. I think the process of finding a way to survive far from home and familiar people taught me to stand on my own.

One year from now, in 2021, I’ll be just about to start my third academic year. Not too far away now, huh? In my first year, I was intimidated by the third- and fourth-year software engineering students, with their prestigious resumes and tremendous experience. Now, as has happened quite a few times in my life, I’ve realized that we’re all human. I’ll be an upper-year soon!

How about the upcoming year?

In 2020, I expect, and hope, to see more action on climate change. I think that we’re going to see more and more events that impact us directly in our day-to day lives, whether they be a result of climate change, or a step to combat it. Bans on single-use items (Vancouver has a plan in place that begins today), carbon taxes (the federal carbon tax in Alberta also begins today), or environmental disasters (right now, Australia is burning from wildfires) are some examples that come to mind.

My personal focus right now is on improving my emotional introspection. I plan on spending significant energy considering what I feel and asking myself why I feel that way. This is quite a personal process, and I’m not sure that any results will be obvious, but I intend to do it anyway.

For the upcoming Winter 2020 term, I’ll be doing an internship in downtown Toronto. I’ve neither lived in a city the size of Toronto before nor worked for a company as large as the one I’ll be working for, so both will be excellent experiences and allow me to judge whether I enjoy this type of living.

That’s all for now, I think! Thanks for putting up with the gaps between blog posts, and thanks for reading, dear reader!

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