The Sample Blog

Photo by Sylwia Pietruszka.

December 15, 2018

Doing things by hand, at least for the first time, is often a good learning experience. For that reason, I've opted to write my blogs directly in HTML rather than using a script like Jekyll. This blog exists as a sample format to copy-paste for future blogs.

For example, this is a line break. We need 2 <br/> in the code to create this effect. The escape characters to type what I just typed are rather annoying.

In addition, I had a tough time deciding what exactly to do with the footer. Should I add links to similar blogs? That could be interesting to a reader, but would require backwards maintainance from me. For now, I've decided to add links to next and previous articles, and call that a day. You may notice that those links aren't actually there yet.

That's because I haven't implemented them yet. Whoops :( They'll be coming soon, though!

December 25, 2018: and here they are!

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