Hello! My name is Chen Chai, and I'm currently taking Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo. I've lived in Alberta and Saskatchewan for most of my life, and moved to Waterloo just last year for university. Welcome to my humble website, written entirely from scratch for the sake of learning.

Here on my website, you can find my blog, where I write about various things that concern me, as well as a small portfolio of some music I've composed. I'm always working on my site, so there'll definitely be more coming soon!

Programming is one of my favorite things to do. I started learning how to code in high school, by writing small programs on my calculator to do various things like math functions and games. After some time, I looked up some tutorials online and learned some other languages. Most of my motivation for programming has come from interest in projects that seemed fun to me, like video games. Since my high school didn't have any programming courses, I motivated myself to learn. When it came time to apply to university, I decided Waterloo was a good choice, and ended up there!

In addition to programming, I'm interested in music and composition. I've played the piano for several years, and my favorite pieces are arrangements of movie and game soundtracks, though I also play classical music. I've completed my Royal Conservatory Grade 10 Practical and Theory. These days, I play for fun, usually at various pianos around campus. FL studio is my weapon of choice when it comes to music composition, though I've also written music in front of a piano.

So thanks for dropping by, and I hope you enjoy my site!

Email: contact@chench.ai
Github: https://github.com/chenchai
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/chyswen

Background photo by Nathan Dumlao.